Lady Cas has a Tiger

"The ladies & dandies have taken to ride in the Mall in St James’s Park in such numbers as to be quite a nuisance."

Did you know?

  • In 1807 the Portuguese Royal Family — along with about 10,000 courtiers, aristocrats, bureaucrats, lawyers, and other prominent Portuguese citizens and the entirety of the royal treasury — fled to their colony of Brazil
  • Why? Napoleon’s troops under Junot were marching on Lisbon
  • For the first time in history, a European monarch sets up his imperial capital in the New World
  • The fortunes of Rio de Janeiro were greatly improved
  • In 1815, at the urging of the Congress of Vienna, the prince regent of Portugal elevated Brazil to co-equal status with Portugal, creating the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil, and the Algarves
  • It legitimised his extended stay in the colony and created a new self-awareness for Brazil
  • Eventually, revolution in Portugal in 1820 forced the return of King Dom João to Portugal, but he left behind his son Dom Pedro as regent in Brazil, fearing a break in the Empire
  • The Portuguese Cortes (parliament) essentially tried to downgrade Brazil back to the status of colony
  • Brazil broke with Portugal, but retained the monarchy thanks to the presence of Dom Pedro
  • And that is an oversimplifaction of why Brazil did not suffer the fate of the rest of South America and splinter under revolutionary violence in the 19th century