Lady Cas has a Tiger

"The ladies & dandies have taken to ride in the Mall in St James’s Park in such numbers as to be quite a nuisance."

“My reflections were interrupted by my servant, who brought me a letter from George Brummell, full of nonsensical vows and professions. ‘When,’ he wrote, ‘beautiful Harriette, will you admit me into your house? Why so obstinately refuse my visits? Tell me, I do entreat you when I may but throw myself at your feet, without fear of derision from a public homage on the pavement, or dislocation from the passing hackney-coaches!’ The rest I have forgotten.”


Harriette Wilson’s Memoirs (120). 

You may hold all the cards now, Harriette darling, but both you and Brummell — the Regency’s greatest courtesan and it’s greatest dandy — will die alone and penniless in France. Life’s funny like that.